What better place to write your letter to Santa than beside the Christmas tree?






Dear Santa; just wanted you to know that even at my mature age I still have great faith in you. I’m not one of those liberal doubters, but an ardent fan. I also have a Christmas tree with bright lights and beautiful bulbs some of which I remember hanging on my Grandfathers tree all those years ago as a small child.

As always the dedicated table with milk, cookies and homemade fudge will be waiting for you beside the fireplace should the long journey from the North Pole build your appetite. But now, let’s get down to business as I know you’re far too busy for small talk and wish to know what I want for Christmas!

I’ve been a pretty good boy this year, haven’t been naughty and tried to be nice. I thought I saw an elf peeking through the window the other night, but my conscience is clear, his notes should be complimentary.

One thing about being an ardent outdoorsman, you always seem to be in need of any number of sporting supplies. Some old cronies whine about having everything necessary; not me! I’m always losing, using or needing something.

First on my wish list is a new pack of Rage broad heads or the rebuild kits. My original 3 broad heads have accounted for 2 nice 8-point bucks and a big gobbler. However, the stony ground that stopped my arrows did grievous damage to the blades which are now bent, dull, twisted and not fit to shoot again. I feel a great anxiety to get my arrows back in action and feel the broad heads to be a priority item. That is if you have trouble making your mind up what to place under the tree, if I dare be so bold Santa.

Another item which I find very interesting is a pair of Caldwell shooting ear phones. Hopefully the elves are proficient in electronics for these little beauties not only stop the loud muzzle blast of my rifles and pistols, but amplify normal sounds as well. People are either talking far too softly or my hearing isn’t what it used to be. Being you are a little along in years after several centuries of dedicated Christmas deliveries you may find a pair of these helpful yourself.

Sitting in a deer stand in wet, cold and often nasty weather can be chilling. Game Hide and other manufacturers make very nice lightly insulated, cargo pocketed, water proof and windproof pants. I surely wouldn’t shed any tears if a pair of those was to end up under the tree. Since you’re flying around at night in winter weather in snowy conditions you know how chilling the outdoors can be so I’m sure you understand my interest in a good pair of hunting pants.

Another item that grabbed my interest is the newest turkey choke for the old 12 bore. The current choke does well, but a new improved model promises to perform even better. Rumor has it Winchester is currently producing a new series of choke tubes designed exclusively for their already outstanding Long Beard turkey shells. Each choke is marked for use with size 6, 5 or 4 shot, so someone has spent considerable time patterning shells and fine tuning the chokes diameter to match the specific shot size fired through them. Most interesting and if you happen to have an extra choke marked for size 5 shot in your inventory my Christmas stocking would be a good place to drop it off.

Your sleigh is overloaded as it is; the new choke wouldn’t require much space at all and would keep the weight down. I’m sure the hard working reindeer would appreciate that, especially Rudolf!

As long as we’re on keeping things small I’m in desperate need of a sturdy belt. It seems regular belts stretch in the rain, fray and weaken holding up cell phones, GPS’s, holsters, belt knives and other odds and ends. A stout camouflaged belt would fit nicely in my stocking as well.

Another item I never seem to have enough of is rifle scopes. A nice model in 3×9 or 4×12 is always welcome, especially if they weigh around 13 ounces to keep my rifle weight down and have hold over crosshairs out to 500 yards. Vortex, Leupold or Nikon are good brands.

Insulated and waterproof gloves are always needed, I’m great at losing 1 of the pair. Same with warm socks, they are welcome anytime.

Well, I suppose I mustn’t appear too greedy and ask for anything more than I have. My wife is a very understanding person who I love dearly. Unlike other adults she never laughs at me writing to you. In fact, she even volunteers to edit my letters Santa to make sure the spelling and grammar are correct and has spent some time looking over my shoulder as I’ve written this. In fact, she just promised to put it in an envelope and mail it.

Well, Merry Christmas Santa and don’t forget the fudge is home made.