Lady Muskie Slayer

Hi everyone, I just posted a new article here on my site called “Lady Muskie Slayer.”  Here is the first paragraph.  jane-buckhorn-sunny-muskie

It’s one of those days when you’re simply glad to be alive and fishing. The late June sun shone down on us beaming it seemed with benevolent happiness. Beautiful, fluffy clouds drifted across the sky and the temperature was perfect, in the middle 70’s, but with enough of a breeze to keep you cool and refreshed. There are times when you simply have to tear a big bite out of life and savor it. Today was one of those days; you couldn’t help smiling, life a joyful experience, the rest of the world with its cares and worries forgotten.

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Hello!  My name’s Wade Robertson and my special talent, I believe, is the ability to touch hearts and souls through experiences with Nature: hunting, fishing or otherwise. We all, everyone, have deep within us an innate connection with the world we live in. Even if you’re born in the heart of the largest city you seek and hunger for this connection, it’s simply part of you. Whether you hunt, fish, photograph or simply watch the ducks in the park we are all lovers of this natural world and must remain united, not divided for the wonders we have in this country in order for them to flourish and continue.


Before the darkness breaks we sit in   the  cathedral hush of the predawn. In this space   we may wonder who and what we are, ponder life and death, look deeply within our souls for here no false distractions rob our attention from the infinite and our part in it. Gradually the sky lightens, the black hills take shape against the growing light and a glorious dawn breaks. We find ourselves invigorated, marvel and wonder at what we are witnessing, for nothing can rob us of the miraculous beauty before us, the birth of endless opportunity and budding life, a feeling of peace, a greater witness we truly belong, a gift always free for the taking.